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Windows users switch to the M1 version of the Mac mini, and share the experience of using it for two months

by Jessica Harris

Due to work reasons, I switched my computer from Windows to Mac platform about two months ago, and I will now talk about some of my personal experiences.

1. Dual screen

1. Windows may not light up a screen, and occasionally the screen will flicker; 2. Mac will dynamically adjust the window size according to the screen size and dpi size. For example, I am now a 1080P 27-inch + 4K 28-inch, mac dual The screen can basically be non-sensing, but windows is a small window in 4K, drag it to the 1080 side, and it directly fills the full screen; 3. After windows re-lights the screen, all windows will go to the 4K side, mac Won’t.

2. Collaboration with mobile phones

1. Windows can only use the “your phone” APP, and it seems to only support Android at present. After using it for a while, the software is quite power-consuming on the mobile phone. After all, it is only compatible and is not a system-level software, so the experience is not very good. But it’s better than nothing;

2. The deep integration of mac and the collaboration of mobile phones is my favorite place, and it is also a place that is completely inseparable from mac at present. The things copied by iphone can be pasted to mac immediately, and vice versa. Take a photo with your phone, write a note, and upload it to your mac right away. When the mobile phone opens a certain webpage, an icon will be displayed in the lower right corner of the mac. Click to open the webpage just opened on the mobile phone, and it is not limited to music, mail, and even some third-party software (such as Zhihu).Basically, what you watch on your mobile phone can be synced to your mac immediately. Then many settings are also highly unified with the mobile phone, such as do not disturb, notifications, focus mode, device time deactivation, shortcut commands and so on.

3. Mouse

The design logic of mac should be more biased towards the touchpad, so the logic of the scroll wheel seems to be hard-wired, such as scrolling on windows, and fixing how many lines, which is very accurate; but not on mac, it gives me the feeling that it is inaccurate , it has a slow-forward logic that dynamically adjusts according to how fast you slide, which is a bad design in my opinion. Even if I downloaded a software called mos, there was not much improvement.

4. Productivity

1.m1 After nearly 2 years, it has basically no sense of productivity, and has not encountered compatibility problems for the time being. Currently, the commonly used productivity software is office, xmind, axure, aodbe, tableau

5. Shortcut keys

The logic of many shortcut keys in Windows has been overturned. I found a software to modify the shortcut keys. At present, it can basically cover 90% of the usage habits, but there are still some discomforts in some places. It will be fine after a long time.

6. Software use (basically the software manufacturer’s pot)

1. The NetEase Cloud on the MAC side cannot watch the popularity of songs, and cannot upload music. It has been used instead of apple music;

2. The use of QQ on the MAC side is very bad; The experience of using WeChat is very bad. Click on the notification of WeChat A, and WeChat A and WeChat B will pop up at the same time;

3.The office experience on the MAC side is relatively bad (I feel that it is gradually improving. Double-clicking the title bar before can not maximize it, now it can) , wps is ok, cleaner than the win-side wps, but more expensive than office365

4.Software that can only be installed with a bunch of mobile phones; win can’t be installed directly, but the simulator can be installed (it seems that the later update supports the native Android APP, wait and see );

5.The Android emulator of 6.M1 seems to be quite troublesome. At present, I have not found a simple installation method. There are many online, but they are all abandoned because of complexity.

6. Drag and drop, mac pictures or text, basically realize the drag and drop of each software, Windows currently cannot drag each other.

6. price and performance

I chose the mac mini m1 16G version. I bought it second-hand. The price of the company‚Äôs computer is i9 9900k 32G. The price should be around 8000-10000. In terms of daily experience, I think the experience of m1 is higher than that of i9. When i9 uses design software (adobe for windows, I don’t need to say more) or multiple windows, there are often inexplicable freezes, and m1 has basically never encountered it.

8, other small details

1.Mac can directly connect to ipsec, and win needs to change the registry to connect

At present, this is my experience in work and daily use.

Jessica Harris

My name is Jessica, you can call me Jess. I'm a product reviewer at Geaber.

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