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Why There’s No Red iPhone 13 Pro

by Dewi Safitri



Apple is known for its world-class industrial design. So when they decide to use color in a product, they tend to do it well. And nowhere is this more evident than on the iPhone. The gold 5s, rose gold 6s, and midnight green 11 started new design trends that rippled through the tech industry.


But one color, in particular, has stuck around; Product Red. It debuted with the second-generation iPod nano in 2006. And has been used on several iPhone models since then. But mysteriously, the color has never been used on a pro model. And the reason comes down to marketing. In the tech, world companies have always drawn a line between entry-level and premium products. Since each model is made for a different type of customer.


For example, the iMac starts at $1,300 and is offered in seven colors. While the Mac Pro starts at $6,000 and is only available in silver. Almost every aspect of these two machines is tailored to different audiences. The iMac’s packaging is color-coordinated with large photos on almost every side, while the Mac Pro’s box is considerably less appealing. Despite being over four times the price. Apple uses a similar understated design approach with the iPhone Pro.


They’ve never shied away from using color on entry-level models like the 11, SE, 12, and 13. But when it came to their ‘Pro’ counterparts, color was used with much more restraint. The 11 Pro came in Midnight Green, while the 11 featured a saturated mint green. The 12 Pro came in a subtle Pacific Blue, while the 12 featured a royal blue. Even the most recent green iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models follow the same pattern.


The lower-cost model offers a more saturated shade than the premium model. So while Apple has used some colors on their Pro phones, the question is can they create an understated shade of red that’s sophisticated enough to be featured on a premium iPhone. It hasn’t happened so far, but Apple will likely want to capitalize on the growing demand for color shortly. 


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Source: https://youtu.be/M7KGQycxR30

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