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Why Doesn’t The iPad Have A Calculator?

by AndiSatr

The iPad does have a calculator, it comes with a built-in calculator app that can be used for basic math calculations. However, there are a few reasons why some users might think the iPad does not have a calculator:

  1. The Calculator app is not pre-installed on the iPad home screen like on iPhone, users have to search for it in the App Store.
  2. The Calculator app on the iPad has a different interface and design compared to the iPhone, it is more suited for productivity and not as a primary calculator.
  3. Some users might not be aware that the Calculator app is available on the iPad, as it is not prominently featured on the device.
  4. Users might be looking for a more advanced calculator app with scientific or graphing capabilities that are not available on the built-in Calculator app.
  5. The iPad is often used for productivity and it’s not marketed as a device for general calculations, hence people might think that it doesn’t have a calculator.
  6. Users might be using third-party calculator apps that are available on the App Store, which are more advanced and feature-rich.

In any case, the iPad does have a calculator, it’s just not as prominently featured as it is on the iPhone. Users can easily find and download the Calculator app from the App Store, or find other alternatives from the app store that better suit their needs.

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