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Why does the iPhone stop a 3D Touch feature?

by AndiSatr

Apple has decided to discontinue the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone, starting with the iPhone XR and later models. The reason for this decision is likely due to several factors, including:

  1. Low adoption rate: 3D Touch was not widely used by iPhone users, and many users were not aware of its capabilities or did not find it useful.
  2. Technical challenges: Implementing 3D Touch required additional hardware and sensors, which added complexity and cost to the device.
  3. Haptic Touch: Apple introduced Haptic Touch in the iPhone XR, which allows users to access different options and shortcuts by long-pressing on the screen. This feature is more similar to the 3D Touch but has more flexibility as it works with any finger, not just special stylus or finger.
  4. Cost-cutting: Removing 3D Touch may have helped Apple to reduce the cost of producing the iPhone and make it more affordable for customers.
  5. Focus on other features: Apple may have decided to focus its resources on other features, such as Face ID, augmented reality, and 5G connectivity.

Overall, discontinuing the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone was likely a strategic decision made by Apple to improve the user experience, reduce costs, and focus on other features that are more widely used or important to its customers.

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