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Why does Mac have Command and Control?

by AndiSatr

Macs use the “Command” key and the “Control” key to provide users with quick access to various keyboard shortcuts and perform specific actions. The Command key is used as a primary modifier key and is generally used to perform various functions such as opening and closing menus, copying and pasting text, and opening new windows. The Control key is typically used in combination with the Command key to perform more advanced tasks such as closing windows, saving files, and more.

The use of the Command key and Control key allows for a more efficient and streamlined workflow by allowing users to quickly access and perform common tasks without having to navigate through menus or use a mouse. Additionally, the use of these keys helps to differentiate the keyboard shortcuts used on Macs from those used on other operating systems, making the transition for users who are more familiar with other platforms easier.

The use of the Command and Control keys is an example of how Apple designed the MacOS to be easily used by its users, by providing them with shortcuts and keys that are intuitive to use. It also allows for a more efficient and productive use of the computer, by allowing users to perform multiple tasks with fewer clicks and keystrokes.

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