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Why People Pay so Much Attention for The Upcoming iPhone 14?

by Jessica Harris

Domestic mobile phones work so hard, why can't they compare to the iPhone?

The slogan “Beyond the iPhone” appears in the mouths of major manufacturers in the domestic mobile phone camp almost every year, but with the passage of time, the matter of surpassing the iPhone is still just a slogan. Why can’t it become a reality? I believe that this doubt has popped up in the hearts of all of you here, right? To be honest, although I am an Apple fans myself, I have also had this question. Especially whenever I change to a new iPhone or iPad, I almost always use this question as the starting point to have a battle between the soul and the heart! Because my soul tells me that I should support my brand, but my heart tells me that what suits me is the most important! This is obviously disobedient, and conflicting, right? So today we might as well talk about this matter, and talk about why the domestic mobile phone that works very hard is not as good as the iPhone.

It is said that this year’s new iPhone, the iPhone 14, will make changes to Liu Haiping’s bangs for the first time. According to the information currently circulating on the Internet, the iPhone 14’s change to the bangs was replaced by an exclamation point-shaped opening, and this design change attracted a crowd of netizens in a very short time. Isn’t it amazing? The iPhone 14 has not yet been released, and the specific design has not yet been determined, but it has accumulated high popularity, and some of them are even starting to save money and prepare to snap up! This kind of situation is rarely seen in the brands in the domestic mobile phone camp! If this alone is surprising, it is still lacking in persuasion, so let’s look back at the release of new iPhones over the years, and this is almost always the case! For example, not long after the release of the iPhone 12 series, the information about the iPhone 13 has already begun to spread on the Internet. The iPhone 13 conference has not yet opened, and the information about the iPhone 14 is already overwhelming.

It is normal for new products to warm up. This is a marketing method used by major mobile phone manufacturers, but how successful is it to use the old one? When flowers bloom, they fail. People are young and old. This is the law of nature. Almost everything in the world cannot escape, but the iPhone seems to be an exception! Perhaps, it will also have an end, but its cycle is far beyond that of domestic mobile phones, right? It is indeed a trick used now, from the original iPhone to the current iPhone 14, spanning more than ten years! In the past ten years, how many well-known brands have declined, and how many emerging brands have grown from immature to strong, and the iPhone is still the same iPhone! why? Personally, I think this is inseparable from the foil of friends and businessmen! No matter how hard domestic mobile phones work, whether you admit it or not, the iPhone is still the ceiling in the smartphone circle!

The ceiling in the smartphone circle? Such a description might make you chuckle, but please allow me to take it slow! The pace of domestic mobile phones is indeed faster than that of the iPhone, it means the development of domestic mobile phones is indeed fast, but as we all know, it is fast and unstable! For the same reasons Apple can adjust the technology to make it have a small and broad strength, but what about domestic mobile phones? Have you ever seen a domestic mobile phone manufacturer use a screen smaller than the iPhone parameters to benchmark the iPhone? You can’t, iPhone can! Therefore, the sense of technology brought by this kind of technology can always keep users a mystery and bring a desire to explore, so whenever the iPhone has action, it is easy to attract the user’s attention!

Secondly, where are the efforts of domestic mobile phones reflected? A pile of hardware, right? There is also a very metaphysical thing here, called feeling! It is this very metaphysical feeling that offsets the efforts of domestic mobile phones! 

The type of human nature is particularly evident among domestic mobile phone users. They clearly know that the A-series chips and IOS systems that have supported the iPhone to the present are the strongest on the ground. They clearly know that these two points are the core of a smartphone, but In order to avoid their own dilemma, so many “excuses” were born! For example, the iPhone has no fast charging, no night shots, no high refresh rate screen, poor sales, and low share, so you can give yourself a reason to be confident!

This is the side of the domestic mobile phone users, and the iPhone users also have such human nature, but the only difference is that they have a certain degree of rationality and thinking. They know that chips and systems are the core of a smartphone, and they know the reason why domestic mobile phones can’t compare to the iPhone, so they “stubbornly” stick to the iPhone camp, and hope to use this behavior to keep people in the domestic mobile phone camp. Awaken users who are making excuses and let them understand that a house with a weak foundation cannot withstand the wind! Therefore, when we look around the entire domestic smartphone market, people who use domestic mobile phones rarely use iPhones, and those who use iPhones hardly consider domestic mobile phones! 

I remember Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, said at a press conference that a product is a combination of technology and humanity. I don’t know if his point is correct, but I know that Apple has had nothing to do with innovation since its inception! Jobs and even Apple did not advertise themselves as a company with innovation as their core competitiveness. So what’s at the heart of Apple? “Humanities and Technology”!

The current Apple CEO Tim Cook has mentioned many times at the press conference that although Jobs is gone, the spirit of Jobs still accompanies every employee of Apple! Therefore, we can see that Apple is more inclined to build products based on the real needs of users, and it seems that the iPhone has never made innovations that are called innovations but are actually revenue-generating. For example, what pop-up camera, hyperboloid screen, the secondary screen on the back, etc. are amazing but short-lived designs! These designs are not bad, but their audience is relatively small, and the design of the small group is not enough to lead the so-called fashion and trend, which is not what Apple wants!

This concept makes Apple not hesitate to overturn dozens or even hundreds of design solutions that have been tested and choose to apply mature and perfect solutions to most of the new products. And this attitude can be passed on to users through its products! 

What we can see is that domestic mobile phone manufacturers do not know what they lack, nor do they know the gap between themselves and the iPhone, but they rely too much on the shortcuts brought by the Internet, rely too much on marketing methods, and are too shrewd to think that they can Dominate the market, dominate the user, and be at my mercy, but it ignores the fact that business behavior communicates with the user is the product, and the user does not need to understand the process and the results!

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