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What to do to free up space on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

by Jessica Harris

Need more space on your iPhone or iPad? Here are a few tips.

You can manage storage on your device with recommendations.

Or you can do it manually, freeing up space with recommendations is an easy way to manage your storage without having to check each app.

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First, let’s see how much storage we have open settings.

Tap general.

And then tap iPhone or iPad storage. Here you’ll see how your device storage is being used and what’s taking up the most space. Depending on how your storage is being used, you may see some recommendations for freeing up space, like reviewing large attachments and messages, or offloading unused apps. Tap each recommendation to learn more. Some recommendations run automatically in the background, like offloading unused apps with this turned on apps you haven’t used in a while will be uninstalled from your device without removing your documents or data.

If you reinstall an app, your information will still be there.

Now let’s take a look at how to free up space manually. We’ll start with messages. First tap the A.

If you tap a review large attachments, you’ll see the largest photos, videos and attachments. From your conversations, you’ll also see how much space different types of documents are taking up to delete. Attachments you don’t need to keep go to the document type like photos. Tap edit in the upper right corner. Then select what you’d like to delete. Tap the trash icon and you’re done. Now let’s explore one more way to free up space. To offload and delete apps manually tap offload app. And then tap offload app again to uninstall it. Need to make more room? You can also delete unused apps and remove large files like videos and then you’ll have room for new photos, apps and more.

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