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Trick to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

by Jessica Harris

Quickly connect a friend to your Wi-Fi network by sharing your password directly and securely from your iPhone to theirs. Here are the tips!

How To Fix Share WiFi Password Bug On iPhone In IOS 15

When your friend and you are nearby open Control Center to check that both phones have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on and touch and hold the Wi-Fi button to turn the personal hotspot off. You’ll also need to have each other saved in contacts, including your Apple ID e-mail addresses. All set all right. Time to share. First, ask your friend to connect to your Wi-Fi network. In settings, they should tap Wi-Fi. Then ask them to choose your network when you get a notification on your iPhone, just tap share password to confirm and that’s it. Your friend can tap join and they’ll be instantly connected. Share the love and your Wi-Fi.

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