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Trick to Hide Email with iCloud

by Jessica Harris

With hide my e-mail part of your iCloud plus subscription, you can create unique e-mail addresses that forward to you and avoid sharing your real address.

Here is some tips to hide your email! In Safari on your iPhone or iPad, TAP a field that’s asking for your e-mail address. And then tap hide my e-mail above the keyboard. Tap use and this e-mail address will forward to your personal inbox. Here’s how to manage your hide my e-mail addresses in settings. Tap your name and tap I cloud. Tap hide my e-mail. Tap an address in the list to learn more about it, or add a note if you don’t want to receive an e-mail sent to this address. Tap deactivate e-mail address. And that’s how to keep your e-mail address private with hide my e-mail.How to Hide My Email on iPhone with iCloud+ and iOS 15 - 9to5Mac

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