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Touching Down  Educational Program, First Creative Project of “Today at Apple” Finally Roll Out!

by Dewi Safitri

Apple recently announced that it is expanding a version of its customer-focused educational Today at Apple series. Now, in addition to the Apple-centric courses being taught at its many retail locations, Apple will offer free creative project videos on its YouTube channel.

So starting today, you’ll be able to watch sessions at any time hosted by Apple Creative Pros and special guests. Each video in the series tackles creative projects across photo, video, art, and design, with techniques inspired by global artists. Rolled out the first video, Apple Creative Pro Anthony teaches viewers how to draw themselves as a Peanuts character on Pages, with the help of Apple TV+ The Snoopy Show showrunner Mark Evestaff and storyboard artist Krista Porter.

As you might have noticed, the videos make use of Apple’s array of gadgets—like an iPad and an Apple Pencil—which is to be expected. If you have the same technology at hand, you can easily follow along with the tutorials; if you don’t, you can probably still get the gist of it, but there might be additional tweaks you’ll need to account for in your hardware or software. “Today at Apple” has been a place for customers to find inspiration and learn about new technology inside Apple stores for over 20 years. The YouTube debut of the series brings educational tools to viewers around the world from wherever they are.

The company also recently announced that it is working on building career-building programs and mentorships that will launch from its stores. The programs, dubbed Creative Studios, are also a part of Today at Apple and will partner up with local nonprofits and professionals to teach various classes to disadvantaged youths. Creative Studios first launched in Beijing and Los Angeles and will expand to Washington D.C., Bangkok, Chicago, and London later in 2021. It also plans to open some of these courses to the public.

Source : Draw Yourself as a Peanuts Character in Pages with a Snoopy Artist | Apple

Dewi Safitri

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