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Top Five Accessories for MacBook Pro!

by Dewi Safitri

Today we’re going to talk about five products that can use alongside MacBook Pro, to help You out productivity-wise. We got the special Laptop Stand, a cavernous external SSD, and of course the recently launched Apple Studio Display.  But what about when you’re traveling, and you need a second screen? Well, that’s where the 12.9-inch iPad Pro can come in handy! And last but not least, connecting to multiple thunderbolt devices with a  single cable with the help of a thunderbolt 4 dock. Let’s have a look!

  1. Serif BDI


The serif from BDI is an adjustable table slash laptop stand.  One of the things You’re gonna love about the Serif is, that it features an asymmetrical weighted base so you can get it super close to your seating area.  But not just that! it features a pneumatic lift, so you can press it down, or pull it easily.  You can quickly go from 20 inches to 30 inches just by lifting the tabletop. 


It’s quite stable so you can easily put your laptop or your iPad there, and start typing.  The serif from BDI comes with a super slim design, so it’s easy to move around and it can fit pretty much anywhere. Here’s the Fun Fact for you! It’s super flexible so it’s not just a laptop stand, it also works as a nice side table. It’s available in either salt or pepper colors.  

  1. OWC Envoy Express                                              



It’s an SSD enclosure that can house an m.2 drive.  Talking about its detail, You’ll see a small notch and a couple of screws on the bottom. When you unscrew them, You’ll find a thermal tape to cool down the m.2 drive as it slowly gets hot during use. When you purchase this accessory make sure it comes with an SSD holder as you need it to attach your SSD to the back of your laptop. 


You can see how it fits right in there as the notch allows it to lock into place. Plus, it features a removable gel adhesive that allows You to stick it to the back of your laptop, and slide it into the sled just like that!  Next, plug in the thunderbolt 3 cable, and you have a bus-powered Thunderbolt 3 NVME SSD.

  1.  Apple Studio Display


Apple Studio Display is one of the most highly anticipated accessories for Mac.  and it’s because there was just so much pent-up demand for a display, with a great screen that didn’t have terrible build quality. And that’s what we get with the Apple Studio Display in a nutshell. It’s not a groundbreaking display,  it’s a 5K p3 that is similar to the LG Ultrafine 5K, but it comes with a chassis that has incredible build quality. And that’s what we’ve all been wanting, but beyond that, it comes with a built-in webcam, and it also comes with great-sounding speakers.  

You can move around the camera, thanks to the ultra-wide focal length!  The quality of the picture just isn’t up to snuff, now the MacBook Pro camera looks a lot better.  No more cool center stage effect which is a bummer,  but overall this 1599 display checks off the main box that is a great-looking display, made with a well-designed chassis. 


  1. iPad Pro 



The iPad series, especially the 12.9-inch model is a great MacBook pro companion as it can function as a secondary display without connecting any wires at all. This is highly recommended for users who do travel a lot. You can set it as an extended desktop for your MacBook Pro and do your research on one screen, and write on the other screen. 

  1. Thunderbolt 4 hub


Thunderbolt 4 hub is the latest technology in computer connectivity and expansion. OWC isn’t the only one that makes a thunderbolt 4 hub with multiple thunderbolt inputs,  but You’re gonna love the one from them. Desktop PCs and Macs usually have a decent set of ports at the front and back, but laptops and tablets often have just a couple. Thunderbolt 4 cable makes it super easy to just connect a single cable and then everything on your setup fires up just like that!

Source : https://youtu.be/BcL5GG1rytY

Dewi Safitri

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