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Today at Apple Creative Project 003: Shoot and Edit Looping Video with Romain Laurent

by Dewi Safitri

“Today at Apple” made a strategic shift during the pandemic and began hosting its typically in-store training online. Initially, the company began to post its “Today at Apple” sessions on the Apple YouTube channel, making its training even more accessible to the Apple community. For example, the previous video uploaded as part of the Creative Projects initiative was meant to help iPhone photographers take better shots at night. And now the company is back with another creative tutorial.

This is the third “Today at Apple” session uploaded to YouTube as the part of Creative Project lineup. Just like the second video, it is still centered around iPhone photography. What makes it different is, this time it’s not just taking photos, though, or even video. The newest video is almost 10 minutes in length. You’ll get to see how to shoot and edit a looping video, all while using the Clips app from Apple. 

This time around it features Jahmyra from an Apple Store in Miami, Florida. She’s joined with director Romain Laurent who has published a variety of different, impressive looping videos. As clearly as it looks on the video, you’ll need an iPhone and the Clips app. But if you want to level up the result, don’t hesitate to play around with your tripod or selfie stick. In case you need a recommendation for a good one, Apple suggests the JOBY TelePod Mobile All-in-One Tripod — which you can buy on Amazon.

Apple includes dedicated time stamps as well, so if you want to simply jump into a particular area of the video, you can do just that. Closing down the session Jahmyra and Romain Laurent put the highlight of this session on making a loop, matching a person’s movement, adding a little something extra, and then exporting the clip. Make sure to follow these accordingly and bravely take your creativity to next level. Good luck! and stay updated for the next tutorial!

Source: https://youtu.be/AlYxs-kLAHk

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