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The So Called iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island

by Dewi Safitri

When Apple introduced a notch, it was a way to fit the true depth camera system and the front-facing camera without the display becoming an issue for those cameras. But also Apple’s way of getting into the all-screen game, for the iPhone back with the iPhone 10 in 2017. It’s been nearly five years now, and we finally have a new iteration of that all-screen display. We’ve been predicting the pill shape cut out for the true depth, and the hole-shaped cutout for the camera, for quite a while now. But what we weren’t expecting was apple’s new Dynamic Island feature. Which came to fruition relatively recently in the rumor mill. 

When Apple announced this new cutout and the software functionality behind it that they dubbed dynamic island, we were still really surprised to see what exactly it was capable of doing because there were so many things that we were not expecting. So what is the Dynamic Island? Well, let’s just say only Apple is a company that can name a camera cutout something so intense! Apple is also one of the few companies that put the time and effort into creating something that is supposed to be dead space in an iPhone and becomes useful and non-obtrusive. With a combination of hardware and software, the dynamic island can morph into different shapes and sizes for things such as incoming phone calls, alerts, notifications, face id, authentication, timers, turn-by-turn navigation, and so much more. 

Now the pill-shaped cutout takes up even less space than the traditional notch on the iPhone 13 pro models. The notch served no purpose other than allowing you to use your front-facing camera, true depth camera system, and some of the sensors for face id. Now Apple gives us a different look! Apple made the literal black hole of dead space into something useful. It is not limited to notifications or alerts, but also ongoing activities like directions in the maps app, and music that might be going on. It will pop out the album art, and you can see how much is left in your timer. They remain visible here at the top and they’re interactive. You can tap on it to launch the app, and swipe it to get different functions. When you do the long press on certain apps, it will bring up a more widget-style display of information. Like what you would see with the album art, you can long press and get into the music player for that. 

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Apple’s new Live Activities feature that will launch with ios 16 will also be used in this dynamic island area, which could be pretty cool. Live activities were limited to the lock screen, so you could get information like sports scores, uber ride estimated time of arrival, and directions. And whatever you might get from the uber app, you can get that directly on your lock screen in real-time, without having to interact with your device. Let’s say you’re using your iPhone for browsing while waiting for your ride to pick you up. Well, now there’s the dynamic island that will come in handy and let you know the useful information that you would get.

Apple had to re-engineer the proximity sensor to achieve this feature. It is not easy to move some parts and reduce the footprint. They had to do things to make this happen, so the company had to get the proximity sensor to detect light from behind the display. It saves additional space and reduces the true depth camera system by over 30%. That’s why it’s even smaller! Some early hands-on footage has even depicted that it’s fluid and responsive. Specifically with Apple apps and functions. It makes sense since Apple has been working on this for some time now. But the best part is, that this is not limited to system functions or Apple apps. Developers will also be able to get their hands and update their apps to take advantage of the dynamic island if they choose to do so.

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I hope developers have already been having the chance to work on this under embargo I’m guessing so that we can get day one updates. But it’s still great to see apple open this feature up for other users to use. If you’re wondering why I’m so surprised about all of this, and why many people were surprised about all of this it’s because, I was expecting very minor software functionality out of this pill-shaped area, when the reports late last week about the pill and hole punch kind of being one long cut out via software at all times that it was more uniform. And there were some mixed reactions about that and I had mixed reactions too! And it was gonna display some things like when your light goes on for the microphone letting that the microphone and the video are active. 

You get that different light there. That’s the depiction that we thought was going to happen. We did not expect something like the dynamic island to have all this useful functionality behind just this little cutout area. But of course, it was a great surprise for me. I want to know from you was it surprising? Do you think it’s worth it? I know it was kind of the star of the show! What do you think about dynamic island let me know in those comments down below! 

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