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The iPhone also participated in Double Eleven. These three models have dropped to freezing prices, and it is time to start.

by Jessica Harris

Double 11 is not only a good time for domestic mobile phone price promotions, but even world-renowned brands like iPhone are also participating in the event, so those who like Apple mobile phones but are usually hesitant about high prices, now it’s time to start good time. Among the current iPhone models, these three mobile phones have dropped to the freezing point, which can save you hundreds of dollars compared to the usual purchase. It is also guaranteed to be used smoothly for four or five years. !

iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is a new product released by Apple this year. The starting price of 128GB storage is 5,999 yuan. After all, it is a new machine, so the price is very stable. However, for the Double Eleven event, the machine can grab a large coupon of 601 yuan recently. After the full discount, you can get it at 5398 yuan. The first price reduction is very powerful.

And it is also a powerful product that increases the volume without increasing the price. Although the appearance of Liu Haiping and the 12 million dual-camera photos have not changed much, the full-blooded version of the A15 bionic chip with the iOS16 system, its powerful performance is at the first-class level in the industry. In addition, the battery life of 3279mAh has also been improved, so the overall experience has been further improved, with both durable life and value preservation. Now that the price fluctuates, the sales volume has risen directly to more than 500,000, and it is time to start.

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 was Apple’s standard version flagship last year. The original price of the starting 128GB storage was also 5,999 yuan. During this year’s sales process, it also has price reduction benefits from time to time, but it can be reduced to 4,899 at most. Now the machine can be obtained at a minimum of 4599 yuan, and a year of AppleCare+ is also given, and the price has already created a record low.

As Apple’s second-generation 5G mobile phone, the configuration experience is also relatively balanced and comprehensive. The hardware is equipped with the A15 Bionic chip, the rear camera is 12 million dual cameras, and the built-in 3095mAh battery is not a problem to charge once a day. The appearance of Liu Haiping is still the mainstream of Apple. At the same time, the machine has also sold more than 5 million units and has received a 97% praise rate. It has been unanimously recognized by many users, and you can start with confidence.

iPhone 13 mini

The iPhone 13 mini was Apple’s small-screen flagship last year, and this year’s 14-series new phone canceled the mini version, and it may also become Apple’s last generation of small-screen flagships. The original starting price of 128GB storage is 5199 yuan, and the lowest price is 4699 yuan at present. Even the 256GB large storage version is only 5599 yuan, and the price benefits are also very fragrant.

The most prominent highlight of this small-screen flagship is the small-screen portability. It adopts a 5.4-inch notch full-screen design, which can be operated with one hand and is comfortable and easy to carry. Although the fuselage is small, its quality is in place. The OLED screen, A15 chip, and 12 million rear dual cameras are all in line with the standard version, far better than the iPhone SE series models with the same small screen. So small screen fans basically don’t have to hesitate now, this iPhone 13 mini is earned if you grab it, and if you miss it or really don’t have it.

Although these three iPhones are not Apple’s strongest technology stack, they are also the most representative models of Apple at present. Especially for regular consumers, the powerful performance can always bring long-lasting life, and the balanced experience can also meet daily needs. After the price reduction, the more favorable price makes everyone irresistible, so which one are you optimistic about now?

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