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The first-generation Apple Pencil charging has become more elegant? Apple Lightning to Apple Pen Adapter Review

by Jessica Harris


Recently, Apple released the new iPad (tenth generation), 11-inch iPad Pro (fourth generation) and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (sixth generation), except that the new iPad uses a USB-C port, the latter two are equipped with new Apple Pencil hovering function; however, the official website also listed an adapter , which can be used for the first-generation Apple Pencil , making the charging method more polite; let’s take a look at this adapter priced at $9.24 how.

Product description

As usual, look at the packaging first.

The packaging of the Apple converter is the same as always, with a white minimalist design style and the words USB-C to Apple Pencil printed on the upper left corner.

The upper part of the back is a close-up of the multilingual words and the interface, and the bottom is a schematic diagram of the actual connection and charging scene; in addition, the same sticker design as the iPhone box.

The product model number: A2869 is printed on the side;

As well as various manufacturing addresses, contact numbers, etc.

The wires in the package are bundled with paper tape, as well as warranty cards, multi-language manuals, etc.

The Apple converter body is designed with a white glossy polycarbonate shell, which is still simple.

The interior of the Lightning interface terminal is similar to the iPhone charging interface design and supports positive and negative blind insertion; both sides of the port are printed with the adapter ‘s model number and Apple’s name.

The interior of the USB-C interface terminal is similar to the USB-C charging interface of the iPad , and also supports front and back blind insertion.

Since the first-generation Apple Pencil has not been purchased yet, taking the Lightning charging cable as an example, the first-generation pen finally no longer thinks of an antenna. It is inserted vertically into the iPad port, and the direction can be changed freely.

In addition, not only the old iPads with Lightning ports, but the new iPads (USB-C) can be recharged via USB-C cables.

Summary of charging head networkIn general, when pairing and charging the Apple Pencil (1st generation) with the iPad (10th generation), a USB-C to Apple Pencil adapter is required; plug the Apple Pencil into one end of the adapter and connect the Just plug in the other end of the USB-C charging cable. Make the charging method of the old Apple Pencil more elegant; and whether the price of $9.24 on the official website is worth it, users need to consider it themselves.

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