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The Apple Pencil: Story of The First and Its Second Generation!

by Dewi Safitri

We are just five months apart from September 2022! The month when Apple normally launches its latest product. The third generation of the Apple Pencil is expected to launch this upcoming September. To make sure what to expect this time, let’s see what we got from the previous product! The original Apple pencil, and its second generation, the Apple pencil 2. From a design standpoint, these two pencils look and feel pretty different. The Apple pencil 2 has a matte feel to it and has one flat side which is where you will tap for the new gesture controls. The original pencil is cylindrical all the way around, with more of a glossy feel and it’s also a bit taller overall because of the removable cap that houses the lightning connector. So let’s address that elephant in the room the Lightning connector. 

To charge and pair the original Apple Pencil, you need to remove the cap and connect a lightning connector to the port at the bottom of your iPad. This not only looks very weird but also makes the pencil susceptible to unnecessary damage. The new pencil thankfully fixes all of this. The only way you can charge and pair your Apple Pencil 2 is to simply snap it onto the frame of the iPad Pro. This will connect magnetically and a little pop-up appears on your iPad, letting you know that it’s paired and charging. so that’s it! there’s no more worrying about losing the Apple pencil cap or breaking the connector off etc.

With the old charging method, charging the pencil is a bit of a hassle! you can’t throw your iPad in your bag with the pencil plugged in. The new model makes it so much easier to charge with those strong magnets keeping the pencil attached to your iPad. And it’s just constantly being charged, so battery life is always near full. 

Now let’s move on to the flat surface of the new Apple pencil. This part is opposed to the more uniform feel of the old one. But pressure sensitivity and drawing or taking notes feels just as good as they ever did before. If you are not an artist by any means, and the use of your Apple Pencil is limited to just coloring stuff and note-taking, the thing you probably love about the new pencil is the new double-tap gesture. Where depending on which app you’re using, you can switch between different brushes, tools, etc, all by a simple double tap on that flat surface. Now a basic use case that’s a must-have is being able to switch between the pen and the eraser within a note-taking app. This is huge and has been sadly missing for the last three years. 

As more time goes by, developers will tailor their apps to feature more useful DoubleTap gestures. As we saw during the keynote with the new version of Photoshop. Overall it’s pretty obvious that the second-generation Apple pencil is almost superior to the older model in just about every way. Now let’s talk about what justifies the new $129 price tag compared to the original $99 that we saw back in 2015. Understandably, the Apple Pencil 2 pencil can do a little bit more than the old one. But considering that users who are upgrading already, from an older iPad Pro to the new 2018 versions can’t use the original pencil and take it with them. The $30 price increase just seems a bit excessive. 

So let us know your thoughts on the new Apple Pencil and if you used both before which one do you prefer in the comment section down below!Source:Original Apple Pencil vs. Apple Pencil 2

Dewi Safitri

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