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iPhone 15 has been Exposed! Big Price Increase!

by Jessica Harris

At present, the iPhone 14 series models are still warm, and the mobile phone with the fastest price drop in history has been confirmed, everyone thinks that Apple opened the gap in the functional configuration of the iPhone 14 series models to make users feel that the Pro version is more worth buying. At present, Apple’s goal should be achieved. The sales of the Pro version are indeed very good, enough to offset the standard version. The impact of the slump in sales, since this trick has achieved miraculous effects, there is no reason not to continue to use it.

It is reported that Apple intends to use titanium alloy materials in the next-generation models. Of course, it cannot be used in the whole system, but only the highest matching iPhone 15 Ultra is eligible to use it, and it is not used on the back shell, but only on the middle frame. Which will further enhance the sturdiness of the whole machine, which means that it is more resistant to falling. Of course, it also finds a better reason for the price increase.

Apple intends to further widen the gap between the four iPhone 15 models. Some features on the iPhone 15 Ultra are not even available on the 15 Pro, in order to make more profits. For example, the titanium alloy middle frame mentioned today, as a Although it is also used in ordinary civil fields, it seems that it is widely used in key aviation fields, such as civil aircraft and space shuttles. The advantages of the material lie in high temperature resistance, high strength and corrosion resistance, and can have better performance under some extreme conditions. stability.

And because of its light weight, it can make the object of use still have a high body strength without increasing the weight. Of course, due to the small number and the difficulty of processing, the price of use will naturally be lower.

To be honest, the use of titanium alloy will indeed be lighter than the current stainless steel middle frame iPhone, but as far as the weight of the middle frame is concerned, can it really have a great impact on the weight of the whole machine? Personally, I don’t think it will have much impact. Apple’s use of titanium alloys for the iPhone 15 Ultra may be more useful to create a gimmick and find a seemingly appropriate reason for the price increase.

All this is not without omen. First of all, Apple has already applied for a titanium alloy shell patent (relevant patents can be found in China), and the Apple Watch Ultra released this year uses a titanium alloy shell. Apple claims that the sturdiness is greatly increased. Of course, The price has also increased greatly. The titanium alloy version of Apple Watch Ultra has risen to 6299 yuan, while the starting price of Apple Watch S8 is only 2999 yuan. Obviously, the difference in functional configuration is not enough to bring such a big price difference. Titanium alloy is important price catalyst.

In addition, it was revealed that the iPhone 15 Ultra will also exclusively have the C port (the iPhone will be standard in 2024). In addition to the necessary sensors, the Smart Island will also be equipped with a dual front camera.

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