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Some Apple iPhone users report problems with Face ID after upgrading to iOS 16 

by Jessica Harris

On November 6th, a number of iPhone users recently reported that after updating to iOS 16, Face ID could not work immediately and there was a problem. It’s unclear how many people were affected by the Face ID bug, or if only specific models of iPhones were affected.

In a related post, more and more users are reporting that iPhone’s Face ID stopped working after updating to iOS 16 . The poster shared an error message saying “Face ID is not available, please try setting up Face ID later”.

The post was made on the iPhone X sub-forum, although there are also users who reported having issues with Face ID on their iPhone 13 Pro Max. Others said they took their iPhones to an Apple retail store, and store technicians said it was a hardware error.

On October 27, a customer wrote on the Apple Community Forums that after updating to iOS 16.1, they found that Face ID no longer worked. Restarting and resetting Face ID didn’t seem to work.

In early October of this year, there were reports that the iOS 15.7.1 RC candidate (not the official version) broke Face ID for some users.

IT Home has learned that if Face ID doesn’t work on an iPhone or iPad Pro, Apple has provided a support page describing the steps to take, including checking for updates or Face ID settings and making sure nothing is blocking the front-facing camera.

However, this is a general support page and doesn’t directly address the specific Face ID bug mentioned above. Apple has not released any supporting documents on the issue, nor has it responded or commented.

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