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Massive iPad OS 16 Update | Stage Manager

by Dewi Safitri

iPad os 16 brings users two new features that we’ve all been clambering for and that’s official external monitor support and some sort of better solution to multitasking. So in this chance, we’re gonna go over those two specific new features coming to your iPad! It is important to note that these features are unfortunately available for iPads only with the M1 Chip and that would include the latest 2021 iPad Pros both the 11-inch models, 12.9-inch models, and the new 2022 iPad Air. The stage manager is a different multitasking option on top of the split and slide overviews that Apple has already offered inside of iPad OS. 

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So with the stage manager, once it’s activated (which can be done via the control center) you’ll see a tiled view of all your open apps, off to the left side with one app sort of taking the center stage. That’s the app that you would interact with and work on. and then whenever you need a new app you can go over and click on any of the icons on the left side. What’s great about stage manager on iPad OS is now you can finally resize windows and move them around freely on your iPad. There is still some minor restriction from Apple but you can drag the bottom corner of a window to resize, and you can even add other apps from the left-hand side to the center to have multiple floating windows at one time. 

Something that just wasn’t possible in previous versions of iPad OS where this feature shines is when you do it in conjunction with an external monitor. In previous versions external monitor support was possible, but it wasn’t great that you couldn’t extend your iPad to another monitor except in really specific situations. But primarily whenever you plugged your iPad into a monitor it became a mirrored version of whatever was running on your iPad. It also never took full advantage of the large display offering some sort of letterboxing, and it didn’t look good and it wasn’t great. 

iPad os 16 makes external monitor support feel like you’re running Mac OS on your iPad, which you can just throw over a different app to have multiple windows over on your large monitor. Also, you can have a completely different app running on your iPad, and then you can also adjust the arrangement of your iPad and larger external display just like you would in Mac OS, to make it easier to navigate from one screen to the other. Again this is all still in beta so some of the apps do not play well with the external monitor support and with the stage manager. But for the most part, things have been running pretty smoothly altogether. I do think this is going to be a huge feature for those who want to use their iPads as their main computer, and sort of the external Monitor with multiple windows kind of floating and being able to be used at one time. 

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I think this settles all of that, I mean for most people who do a lot of office or admin work, that pretty much should have everything you need. Now for me, I’m right there as well, but I’m just kind of holding out for a little bit more pro applications to make their way to the iPad. Specifically, Final Cut, since that’s the editor of Choice. Having this external monitor support and another multitasking solution for window management has been a great addition so far. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below

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