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Last chance! iPhone 12 mini refurbished is crazy

by Jessica Harris

According to sources, Apple has re-listed a series of iPhone 12 mini models in its refurbishment store to meet the needs of small screen lovers. However, the return of the refurbished iPhone 12 mini may be the last chance for consumers who prefer small-screen phones, given that the 13 mini model is still not available on Apple’s refurbished store.

Apple started rolling out the refurbished iPhone 12 mini in July this year, but it has been out of stock since the news of the iPhone 14 series cutting the mini. The Apple iPhone 12 mini has the same design and functions as the iPhone 12, but with a more compact design and a video playback life of about 15 hours. The upgrade of the iPhone 13 mini compared to the 12 mini is mainly due to chip iteration, as well as brighter screen, Smaller bangs, as well as new camera software features and other aspects provide refinement.

Apple says its refurbished iPhones have been thoroughly tested and cleaned and are virtually indistinguishable from brand new iPhones. In addition, refurbished iPhones are unlocked, and they can also enjoy Apple’s one-year warranty. You can also buy AppleCare+, which is quite cost-effective for overseas users.

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