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iPhone 14 Pro Max – The Coolest Notch on Any Phone

by Dewi Safitri

When Apple first introduced the notch with the iPhone x series back in 2017, many smartphone brands started mocking the iPhone design but ended up following its trail. Even many Apple users were not very fond of this notch and wanted to see a new redesign. Well, the wish is granted! and guess what… Apple has come up with the coolest design ever to replace this notch. Besides, the new iPhone 14 Pro series is packed with a raft of new features, and even if we compared it with its iPhone 14 variants, you would feel like the Pro Max versions are a whole new generation upgrade. Well, enough chit-chat! 

Let’s find out what makes the iPhone 14 pro series the best in class! The first and most notable changes come with the display. You get the usual 6.1 and 6.7-inch size options, but what steals the show is the new notch. Which apple named “Dynamic Island”. It’s essentially a pill-shaped cutout for housing the face id hardware combined with the hole punch for the selfie camera. But things don’t stop here. With this new shape-shifting dynamic island, Apple has blended notifications and activities into one interactive panel. It can seamlessly work with any App, and act like an instant widget on the home screen. The notch acts like a fluid and animates between different sizes to let you know all the important notifications at once. Whether it’s about changing animation or music control, the notch can do everything.

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Coming back to the display, the iPhone 14 Pro features a super retina XDR display, which is one of the best you would find on any phone. The whopping 2000 nits max brightness makes the iPhone visible in any outdoor condition, popping every text you see. The new iPhone 14 now features an Always-on Display, but you can’t just argue that androids have had them for years now. Because it allows you to customize the Lock Screen according to your preference with cool new modes. Another breakthrough upgrade has been on the camera section. Apple just jumped from 12 megapixels to a whooping 48 megapixels main camera, accompanied by two 12 megapixels ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. Along with an advanced quad-pixel larger sensor, this new camera offers up to four times more camera resolution than its previous models. 

Having an almost 65 largest sensor than the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 will allow you to capture the sharpness of images with immense details and clarity. You will also get three times better low-light photos, from the ultra-wide camera, and up to two times better performance from the main sensor. And for those who love shooting with the iPhone, the new iPhone 14 Pro now comes with a new Action Mode, that works just like GoPro’s EIF technology for shooting shake-free videos, even when capturing fast-forward scenes. As for the performance, the iPhone 14 Pro gets the next A16 bionic chipset, which comes with a faster 6-core CPU and 5-core GPU providing a 50 jump in graphical performance. This new chipset offers even more power efficiency, allowing your iPhone to last all day long from a single charge. Another great feature of the iPhone 14 pro came up with its satellite connectivity. 

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With this new feature, you can enjoy full peace of mind even when being off the grid. You won’t even need cellular or wi-fi connectivity to contact emergency SOS services, anywhere anytime. once you search for Satellite connectivity, your iPhone’s antenna will search for satellite frequencies and let you connect just with a tap. Then you can instantly share your necessary data so that help can reach out to you. so with such prominent upgrades, you must be wondering about the iPhone 14 Pro having an increased price tag.

Well, Apple announced the iPhone 14 Pro at $999, and iPhone 14 Pro Max at $1099 as its predecessors. So to get yourself a pro upgrade, you don’t have to spend more the level of creativity that is shown with the iPhone 14 Pro, is beyond imagination. and surely deserves huge appreciation, so what are your thoughts on the new iPhone 14 Pro models? Would you consider buying it? We would love to hear from you please let us know in the comment section below! 

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Dewi Safitri

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