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iPhone 14 Pro Max: Hands-On & Best Features

by Dewi Safitri

It is iPhone day yet again, and today we’re going to go over some of the best new features that you need to start using right away with your new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Let’s start with the Display because there are a lot of changes here! The most obvious new feature that you need to get familiar with, is the new Dynamic Island! For those of you who are not yet aware, Apple is embracing its new pill and hole cutout that recently replaced the notch, and now offering up what the company calls its Dynamic Island. The island is an area that blends the screen cutouts with software functionality so that users can now see some crucial information and notifications for functions or tasks that you might not easily see.

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You’ll get system alerts and notifications like an incoming phone call, AirPods being connected, Face ID and Apple Pay, charging microphone or camera detection and so much more. If you have music playing from the music app, you’ll see in the dynamic island the album art and a waveform icon. This also works with Spotify, Youtube Music, Amazon Music and so much more. Thanks to the Now Playing API right out of the box, you won’t have to wait for any updates. It will be compatible in the future when apple releases Live Activities which we now know will be with ios 16.1. You’ll have the same live activities that’ll be available on the Lock Screen on the dynamic island 

You can see things like Sports Scores or lift ride updates right up there, on the dynamic island. It works pretty seamlessly and is something that’s going to change the way we absorb information, and interact with our iPhones at certain times. The next feature has something to do with the display as well and it’s the Always On Display. This is one of those features that apple took its sweet old time to adopt when other Android manufacturers have had this feature for years. The biggest difference with this Always On Display is that’s just a dimmer version of your lock screen and the LTPO screen behind the scenes will go all the way down to one hertz to help preserve that battery life. But other than that, it’s still in pretty much full color

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Now take a look at your lock screen! All the notifications that would be on your lock screen, you can see in this new mode. This is unlike other manufacturers that may give you another design that you could put up with some artwork. But it’s a very small portion of your screen and you get some different icons for custom notifications. I do really like this Always On Display, it gives me that extra level of seeing whether or not I need to interact with my phone. But it might come at a price of more battery drain. If you’re picking up an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max and you’re concerned about battery life already, you might want to disable this feature especially if you don’t think you’re ever going to need it.

Next, we have the new cameras on the back! Just when you thought they couldn’t get any bigger, they are a little bit bigger than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. With this increase in size, finally comes an increase in megapixels! When it comes to the main sensor, everything about the new sensor is larger. This new camera comes with an advanced quad pixel sensor which is not only going to help you in low lights but also going to take photos in that full 48-megapixel raw image. You can crop in quite a bit without really losing any quality at all in the image. It’s also worth pointing out that this sensor is 65 larger than the iPhone 13s. I noticed that the photos of objects especially close up will give you that natural bokeh looks to them. There’s way more of that going on here! The depth of field is pretty good already and you don’t even need to go into portrait mode. There’s also a cinematic video that was available on the iPhone 13, but this time you get both 4k 24 frames per second and 4k 30 frames per second.

The new action mode which is available across the entire lineup of iPhone 14 models, gives users the ability to shoot gimbal-quality live-action videos at up to 2.8k resolution. Of course, we will have a full camera comparison of the iPhone 14 Pro versus the iPhone 13 Pro to see if the difference is that noticeable. But now I’m liking these new cameras from what I gathered in my recent photos. It’s a new thing that you’re going to want to try out right away. The next thing is the a16 bionic which might not be a flashy feature to talk about. It is a pretty key difference over the iPhone 13 and obviously, if you’re coming from an older iPhone this is going to feel super fast!

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The a16 is built on a 4-nanometer process that has 17 trillion operations per second with nearly 16 billion transistors, and a 5-core GPU with nearly 50 more memory bandwidth. That is pretty important for complex graphics with mobile games. This is all a lot of technical speak for. It’s really fast and most importantly, it’s very power efficient. This is going to help you keep that all-day battery life when you have these new features that will be power-hungry. We did do geekbench scores on both the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro to see if there were any massive performance increase indicators. When it comes to CPU, there’s a little bit of a difference but with GPU. You’ll see much more of a drastic change between the 13 Pro and 14 Pro. 

It’s still not a whole lot, but you can see that memory bandwidth and just that little bit of extra GPU performance. This is gonna help when gaming and compared to some older iPhones, it’s a really big update. And compared to Android devices, it’s just second to none! Last but not least, we have two features that I can’t test out but I’m lumping them into one. That’s Crash Detection and Satellite Connectivity. Crash Detection is going to dial emergency services automatically in the event of a car crash being detected. If you can’t respond to the prompt right away, its satellite connectivity will allow users to connect to a satellite in space to call for help when there is no cellular service. You can share your location via the Find My app with your contacts as well.

These are just some of the new features that I think you should check out when you get your new iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max. I’d love to hear from you let me know what your favorite features are in those comments down below!

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