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iOS 16: WWDC 2022 Leaks & Rumors!

by Dewi Safitri

Apple is officially set to take the stage once again! This time kicking off WWDC 2022 on June 6th, and we expect them to announce the latest versions of Mac os, iPad os, watch os, tv os, and of course ios. Now we don’t know much at all about any of these platforms. But for now, we’re going to go over what we do know, and what we can expect to see in ios 16.

Let’s start with the latest out of Bloomberg’s mark german. This is the ios 16 that feature a significant improvement to its notifications. Notifications on ios have always been a huge mess in my opinion. But it’s gotten a little bit better since Apple introduced group notifications a few years ago. But there’s still plenty of room for improvement here. And that’s apparently what we might be getting.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any real info on how notifications will be improved, but it could start with some big changes to focus mode. Recent reports coming out of the 15.5 beta code, reveal a new warning message that tells users, that the chosen focus mode requires a software update to be enabled. Which could signify that some major enhancements are on the horizon. Which would require ios 16 to be installed.

There’s also a new music app on the horizon and it appears it could launch at WWDC. But for those thinking this is a newly redesigned apple music app, unfortunately, that might not be the case. It’s an entirely new standalone app, dedicated to classical music. Last year Apple announced its purchase of classical music streaming service prime phonic, which offered advanced search and browse features. Specifically optimized for classical music. 

Now when the first beta of ios 15.5 recently dropped and was seeded to developers, it contained further sides of Apple classical. Ios 15.5 contains, open in Apple classical. And open this in the new app, designed for classical music in the music app code it’s still possible. The app launches before WWDC and perhaps in the next beta of 15.5. It makes more sense for Apple, and just more sense in my mind to hold off for the keynote. Which is slated for a little over a month from now.

On the health side, Apple plans to introduce an updated version of the health app. That will expand sleep tracking functionality and medicine management. Apple is developing a medicine management tool that will let users scan their pill bottles, into the app. But the initial version of the feature is unlikely to include all of its planned functionality. 

The health app is also set to gain new women’s health features too. there are also a couple of emergency features that could be on the horizon. Like car crash detection, which will allow iPhones to detect when a collision has occurred, and dial emergency services automatically. This would likely have software side support that’s probably going to be added in ios 16. should Apple decide to move ahead with this feature, couple that with the rumors that Apple is planning to add a satellite-based emergency feature to iPhone 14 models. This could be supported in ios 16, and so if this feature is released iPhones would be able to send texts in emergencies when there is no cell coverage. And report major emergencies when coverage is not available as well.

Speaking of newer iPhones there could be some slight status bar improvements and changes coming to ios 16. Paving the way for those iPhones without the notch, which is heavily rumored to be the case for the iPhone 14 Pro models, that could be coming later this year. Since the iPhones could feature a hole punch, or a pill shape and hole punch cutout. There will be a little bit more room at the top of the status bar to work with. So maybe we might see the return of a battery percentage icon. Who knows but there is going to be a little bit more room for Apple to play around with, so it’ll be intriguing to see what they do with the status bar.

We would love to hear from you! what do you want to see in ios 16 please let us know in those comments down below! 

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