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iOS 16: How to personalize Lock Screens

by Dewi Safitri

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Starting in iOS 16, you can create multiple Lock Screens to personalize your iPhone. Here’s how! 

  • On iPhone with Face ID, glance at your screen to unlock it. Then touch and hold until your Lock Screen wallpaper gallery appears.
  • Or, on any iPhone, you can swipe down from the top center of your Home Screen and then touch and hold until your Lock Screen wallpaper gallery appears. 
  • Now, just swipe left until you reach the Add New screen and tap the Add button (which looks like a plus sign) at the center of the screen. Here, you’ll find collections of wallpapers with customizable fonts, colors, and widgets.

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Featured wallpapers are personalized just for you! Suggested Photos recommends your best pictures based on nature, pets, people, cities, and more. When you find a wallpaper you like, tap to select it. You can swipe left or right to view different wallpaper options in a category. Here’s how to customize your Lock Screen further!

  • Tap the time and you can select a different font and color to fit your style. Tap the close button — which looks like an X – in the upper-right corner of the Font & Color menu when you’re done. You can also add available widgets to your Lock Screen, which display information from apps at a glance.
  • To add widgets like Calendar, Weather, and Clock to the top of your Lock Screen, you can tap the date or tap ADD WIDGETS below the time and select your new widgets. You can add things like today’s events in the Calendar widget, the current temperature in the Weather widget, and your Activity rings in the Fitness widget.
  • Tap the close button in the upper-right corner of the Add Widgets menu when you’re done. This looks great! 
  • Tap add in the upper-right corner when you’re finished customizing your new Lock Screen. And you can either tap Set as Wallpaper Pair to use the same wallpaper for your Home Screen or tap Customize Home Screen to personalize how your wallpaper looks. The tools at the bottom of the screen allow you to select and customize different Home Screen wallpapers including solid or gradient colors, pictures from your Photos Library, and Blur, which uses the same wallpaper as your Lock Screen but with a blurring effect.
  • Tap Done in the upper-right corner when you’ve set your custom Home Screen. This automatically saves the new wallpaper to your collection. Then, tap the Lock Screen you just created to set it as your current one. 

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You can touch and hold your Lock Screen at any time if you want to switch to a different one. Now you can create multiple Lock Screens on your iPhone and switch between them whenever you want. Personalize your Lock Screen. For more helpful information on how to use your iPhone, subscribe to the Apple Support YouTube channel and stay updated on more upcoming articles. 

Source: How to personalize Lock Screens on your iPhone | Apple Support

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