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iMessage Tips, Tricks, Hacks & Hidden Features!!!

by Jessica Harris

So as Apple releases and new iOS updates, there’s always hitting tricks within the iPhone and things you probably didn’t know existed. Now I enjoy filming these videos for you guys, and I know you guys enjoy watching these iPhone tricks. You probably didn’t know exist, here is some of it

The first thing is how to block. Particular contact within the emails application, yes, you can actually block certain emails from sending you right a sender from sending you an email just like you can within the phone application. If we tap into the phone app here. I’m sure you guys already know if you receive a phone call from an unwanted number, you tap on the I next to it or you tap into the number itself and then you go into the block. This caller and you can block a caller from a particular phone number. Well the same concept applies. I’m not going to users know about this within the emails app. So if you tap into the emails app you go to the email. And the sender that’s constantly sending you spam and the person that you want to block, you tap into the sender’s name here. Once it highlights in Blue, Tap it again. It will show you the email and then you can actually block this contact and they will no longer be able to send you any more emails on your iPhone. So this is a great option here to block a particular email address that’s constantly sending you spam emails and you can’t really unsubscribe right? Because if it’s a company sometimes you can go back and unsubscribe sometimes when it’s a person, a sender. You can’t, so that’s a way to block a particular sender on the emails application, just like you can on the phone app.

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The next thing is how to multi select images and send them via email. Maybe messages save them as nodes, so I’m sure you guys already know that you can go into the photos application and let’s say we want to select this image. Here we can drag it around and select multiple in order to select these and send them over by multitasking via email by maybe messages. And we can send these along to a particular contact by dragging and dropping across the OS. But did you know you can actually do this with a Google search as well? So if we head on over into Google search here in Safari and we find an image, we can tap and hold drag it around just like so, let’s go ahead and tap and hold here. Drag it around and then select multiple images from Google search itself and do the same thing. Did you also know Siri can actually send particular screenshots and information by simply asking? For example, if you’re in Safari and you’re browsing through, I don’t know. Let’s say your best buys you can see I was looking at the camera. I can actually use Siri. Just send this so hear me out, send this to my brother. Ready to send it? It will actually send that attachment of the particular item that you’re looking at with a link so the other person can actually take a look at that product or thing. I can actually also say take a screenshot and send it to my brother. Ready to send it? There we go. It does that as well so Siri can actually take screenshots and send them out instantly. Or if there’s something on the screen like a camera. Just like you saw there, it can actually send the link with a clickable link to someone of your choice of your contacts and they can actually receive that and click it and maybe purchase the item if you’re browsing through the OS Siri, you can actually share what’s on your screen now. There’s also an emergency bypass for a particular contact when you have the mute switch or do not disturb enabled now. For example, if you have a particular person. That you don’t ever want to mute when you have do not disturb enabled. You can head on over into your phone application. Obviously select the contact, click on the eye next to the name you wanna. Click Edit here and then you want to click on a ringtones now. Not many users know about this. You have the option now to bypass emergency so emergency bypass will allow you to bypass the silence switch for that particular contact and when they call you no matter what you’re doing, no matter if you’re in silent mode, no matter if you’re in do not disturb. Load and the call will come in and you will hear the phone ring regardless for this particular contact. Again, this is the emergency bypass and you can choose this directly within a year actual phone application going under ringtone options here and selecting emergency bypass.

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Next Is how to get a custom emoji on the status bar of your iPhone. So if I go into focus mode here and I use this focus mode, you see that on the status bar I get that really cool fiery mode you let me show you how to get that or any other of the options. Available directly on the status bar of your iPhone and next to the clock right there. So what you have to do in order to get that on the status bar, you have to create a focus mode. So let’s go ahead and turn off a focus mode here. This was a test. Let’s go into focus and settings here and let me show you how to set this up and we go to focus. We go to create a focus. Here we go to custom and then we want to go ahead and select any of these images. You see right here now Apple will continue to add more with time. So let’s just go ahead and select the star for the purpose of this video. And then we’re going to name it or whatever. We’re just going to name it anything, so we’re just me just like that. And then we’re going to go ahead and click return. You’ll name it. Whatever it is that you want, and then you click next and right here you’re going to select each contact for this focus. Now keep in mind, everyone that you add here will be able to call you during this focus time. So if you want everyone to call you, just select all contacts and you’ll be good to go. And you also have the option down here for favorites and so forth. Allow and then you have notifications. Now. This keep in mind this is a focus session. Here that we’re going to create. So you want to add any apps that you would like to get notifications from. If you just want to use this for emojis, just Add all your contacts, all your applications and then just click allow and you’ll get notifications from all your contacts and all of your notifications for all your apps. Once you enable this focus time, you’ll see that on the status bar. I now have a star next to the clock, so really simple, really nice little addition to the status bar thing. It just makes it unique.

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