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How to Transfer Data to a New iPhone 

by Dewi Safitri

New iPhone? Here’s how to use iCloud to transfer your apps and data from your previous iPhone and easily set up your new device! In Settings on your previous device, tap “Get Started” in the “Get Ready For Your New iPhone” section. Or if you don’t see this prompt, go to “Settings”, tap “General”, then tap “Transfer” or Reset iPhone. Continue the process to back up your device.


If you don’t have enough iCloud storage, you can use free temporary iCloud storage to back up your apps and data. Tap “Continue” if you’d like to use it. You’ll be get as much extra free temporary iCloud storage as you need to move apps and data to your new device for 21 days. And this won’t affect your current iCloud storage plan.

If you haven’t set up your new iPhone within 21 days of starting your iCloud backup, you can tap “Keep My Backup Longer” in Settings to get an additional 21 days before your backup is deleted. Read the next screen and tap “Move All App Data With iCloud”. If you tap “Don’t Move Data For These Apps”, the apps that don’t currently use iCloud to back up will not have their data transferred to your new device.

Now tap “Done” to begin backing up. The backup will continue in the background while you use your device. This process can take a while to complete. When the backup completes, you’ll be ready to set up your new device. And if you would like to keep your temporary backup and continue backing up your iPhone with iCloud, subscribe to iCloud+.

To transfer data to your new iPhone, first, make sure your previous iPhone and new iPhone are nearby. Then swipe up from the bottom edge of the new device and follow the onscreen instructions until you see the “Quick Start” screen. On the previous device, you’ll see a prompt to set up the new iPhone. Confirm the Apple ID that appears onscreen and tap “Continue”. Position the camera of the previous device so the animation displayed on the new device appears within the circle onscreen.


Once the circle turns green, you’ll be prompted to finish the Quick Start process on your new iPhone. Enter your previous device passcode. Then follow the prompts to activate the new device and set up Face ID or Touch ID. On the “Transfer Your Data” screen, choose “Download from iCloud” to restore from your existing backup.

Then review and agree to the terms and conditions. Complete the setup process on the next few screens. Tap “Continue” to use settings from your previous device. Then choose if you’d like to set up Apple Pay. Make sure your new iPhone stays connected to Wi-Fi during the restore process. The time it takes varies based on the size of the backup and your network speed.

Once the progress bar is complete, you can start using your iPhone. Content like apps, photos, music, and other data will continue to restore in the background. Set up a new iPhone with iCloud!

Source:How to transfer data to a new iPhone | Apple Support

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