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History of The Apple Logo

by Dewi Safitri


How did Apple’s logo change from time to time? Well, that’s what I’ll explain right now. Let’s start with the first logo! An illustration of Issac Newton under an apple tree was created by Ronald Wayne, Apple’s third lesser-known co-founder that left the company twelve days after it was created. He said the logo represented Apple’s desire to inspire innovation and originality.  

Just as Issac Newton had been inspired to discover gravity from a falling apple. But Jobs wanted something more simplistic and symbolic. So he hired Rob Janoff from a local ad agency to reimagine a new logo. Who ended up creating something Jobs loved. A flat apple silhouette with a bite, and six colorful stripes. Which symbolized Mac’s unique color display.

The logo served the company well and wasn’t changed until Job’s return to Apple in 1997. The following year, Apple’s products and packaging began to feature a monochrome logo, abandoning the rainbow stripes altogether. Although stylizations like this one were used for the iMac to represent its colorful translucent design. But just a few years later, Apple released Mac OS X, a completely new operating system that featured a glossy user interface called Aqua. So Apple changed its logo to match.

In 2007, the iOS era marked a new direction for the company. Apple became one of the biggest mobile device manufacturers in the world, and its branding shifted. Instead of Apple Computer, Inc., their name was simplified to Apple, Inc. And the design of their logo changed from a symbol of Mac OS X to the iPhone.  

Adopting a softer chrome finish that closely matched the iPhone’s aluminum enclosure. But around 2013 with the introduction of iOS 7, its flat user interface inspired a new style of Apple logo, virtually identical to the monochrome version from 1998. And although this logo continues to be used today, Apple hasn’t been shy about being playful.   

They’ve used artistic stylizations of their logo on gift card stickers, product marketing like the rainbow logo used in recent iMac ads, and even promotion for their special events. This is something Apple has done in the past, but not nearly as often. So that is how we went from this illustration to this iconic fun logo that we all recognize today. What do you think about this update? Leave your comments down below!


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