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Focus Mode: How To Customize Notifications

by Dewi Safitri

When Focus is active, you will only receive notifications from the contacts and apps that you allow. Here’s how to customize notifications for Focus on your iPhone. 

  • In Settings, tap Focus. Here, you’ll find a list of Focus options. When you set up a Focus, you can turn on Focus Status so that apps can share that you have notifications silenced when people message you. 
  • Now, select which Focus you’d like to customize. Tap People to select which contacts you’ll receive notifications from. If you choose “Allow Notifications From,” notifications from people you select will come through immediately. All others will be silenced and sent to Notification Center. Or you can choose “Silence Notifications From” instead to silence notifications from the people on this list.

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You can turn on “Allow Calls from Silenced People” if you want to receive phone calls but not other notifications, like messages, from the people on your list. We’ll stick with “Allow Notifications From” for our list. To add a person, tap Add People, select a contact, and tap Done. You can also choose whom to allow calls from while this Focus is turned on, like your Favorites list in Contacts or your Allowed People list here in your Focus settings. Worried about missing other important calls? “Allow Repeated Calls” is turned on by default so your iPhone will ring if someone calls two or more times within three minutes. Tap Back in the upper-left corner to return to your Focus settings when you’re done. To customize app notifications, tap Apps.

Here, you’ll find your app list for this Focus. You can either allow notifications from these apps to come through or silence them. Notifications from people on your Allowed People list will still come through even if an app is silenced. If you’d like to add another one, tap Add Apps. To make sure timely notifications from other apps still come through immediately, you can turn on “Time Sensitive Notifications.” When you’re done making changes, tap Back. You can customize notifications for Focus even more by tapping Options. When your Focus is active, your notifications will go directly to Notification Center by default, but you can turn on “Show On Lock Screen” to show them on your Lock Screen instead.

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You can also choose to have your Lock Screen dim when this Focus is turned on or hide notification badges on Home Screen apps to reduce distractions while using your device. Tap Back when you’re finished. And that’s how to customize notifications for Focus. For more helpful tips like this, subscribe to the Apple Support YouTube channel and stay updated for more upcoming articles.

Source: How to customize notifications for Focus on your iPhone | Apple Support

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