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Coding on an iPhone, Is It Possible and Productive?

by Steve Herlington

On April 13th 2020, a channel on YouTube called Joma Tech released a video of him coding on an iPhone, yes a single device, with much smaller screen than an iPad. Not only he managed to code an app, he also deploy it and store it in GitHub. See the video below if you want to see some action.

Now, coding in devices other than a laptop or PC might sound interesting, and the idea of working on your projects in any way that’s convenient to you has been more explored. Big companies like Apple and its competitors have been developing their mobile devices in every possible aspect, including their approach to feel more appealing to programmers.

Programming is listed as one of the best jobs in the world, many areas of expertise require at least a small amount of programming knowledge, whether you work as a sailor, an architect, or even a doctor, you’ll have to be familiar with technology, and that includes being familiar with programming.

Now that we know a guy named Joma has tried performing his job as a software engineer and deployed his app for usability with an iPhone 11 Pro Max, that means we can code on iPhone, right? Right?

Well, the answer is yes obviously, since there are numbers of apps that can support your programming work on iPhones, even the most used version control app in the world GitHub is available on iPhone, and there are playground apps to play around and exercise with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

But, there are of course challenges, for example, you’ll obviously have to type on your screen which makes it difficult to write your code, and then we all know that in coding, sometimes we need to store files locally, and even though it is now easier since iPhone has allowed us to manage their files locally in Files app, there are still issues in managing folders, so for a solution you might want to try out several code editor that works best with you.

Now, if you feel challenged and willing to try coding on your iPhone, you can easily start by searching ‘coding’ in the App Store, after that you’ll find code editor, games, GitHub, and supporting apps for your productivity.

Last but not least, even though coding can now be performed on your iPhone, you might still want to consider if doing so primarily on your iPhone is as productive as doing it on your Macbooks, surely it is a good idea to have a range of capabilities, but since coding is not always about typing and making sure it works, maybe for some time, coding on Macbooks is still the best solution.

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