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Best VR Games for Iphone Today!

by Jessica Harris

Virtual reality games can be quite addicting. They transport you to a make-believe world where everything appears to be extraordinary, thanks to an immersive 3D experience and amazing graphics. Despite the fact that I am not a dedicated gamer, I enjoy playing beautiful games with interesting concepts. After playing a variety of thrilling games, I decided to take my passion for gaming to a whole new level. These iPhone VR Games have quickly become my favorite due to their thrill and unique premise.

  • VR Space Stalker

FIBRUM’s VR Space Stalker has exciting space fights, stunning graphics, and a continuous storyline that leads you from one adventure to the next. Of course, your mission is to blow up hostile ships before they reach you and your shields fail. You can choose from three different weapons as you accomplish tasks, depending on the strength and quantity of your opponents.

To progress, you’ll need to fly across asteroid fields, investigate ancient artifacts, and solve puzzles. The gameplay is simple because all you have to do is turn your head to shoot your weapons, steer your spacecraft, and make the proper judgments.

  • InMind VR

You play a human who must assist a patient suffering from a depression disease in Nival’s free InMind VR software. What’s the catch? Your patient is treated from the inside out. Your job is to destroy red neurons in the person’s brain in order to cure them. The gameplay is straightforward, but the aesthetics bring the game to life.

When you’re done, upgrade to InMind VR 2(Opens in a new window), which includes an instruction on brain chemistry as well as one free story and another 300 if you spend $2.99.

  • InCell VR

Do you enjoy action/racing games? InCell VR might be a typical potboiler for you because it has everything you need to have a good time while gaming! To keep the world from being destroyed, you must offer your everything. Enter the microworld, investigate the human cell, and use all of your skills and knowledge to combat the virus wave.

Even though the game is built for virtual reality, it may be played without one. InCell is also compatible with View-Master, Fibrum, Homido, Lakento, Archos, Durovis, and a variety of other Cardboard headsets.

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