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Apple Watch may add satellite communication function as soon as 2023

by Jessica Harris

Following the previous rumors that Apple will add satellite communication functions to the iPhone, another reporter broke the news that the new Apple Watch may also add the same function, and the product will be available as soon as 2023.

According to “Bloomberg” well-known news reporter Mark Gurman in the “Power On” column, the new iPhone and Apple Watch will provide more accurate positioning and communication functions through satellite after adding the satellite communication connection function. Apple users can still connect to the Internet through satellite signals and use related communication functions even in environments where the telecommunications company cannot provide services.

Mark Gurman speculated in the column that because Apple recently showed signs of in-depth cooperation with the US satellite communication company Globalstar, and Globalstar disclosed in February this year that it would provide satellite communication services to potential customers who paid hundreds of millions of dollars in advance, so it is estimated that its potential customers It’s Apple.

However, since different countries have different regulations on satellite communication applications, Apple will only initially provide iPhone and Apple Watch that support satellite communication functions in some markets.

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