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Apple Pencil : 3 New Skills, illustrators say it dazzling and easy to Use!

by Jessica Harris

What you just saw is the Apple Pencil hover function that Apple has added to the 2022 iPad Pro.

When the pen tip is hovering over the canvas, a preview of the brush will be displayed on the screen, and we can identify information such as brush color, thickness, etc. at a glance.

When the left hand is opened and closed, the hovering stroke of the right hand will become larger and smaller, which is the efficiency of a digital brush.

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When hovering over the text box, the box will automatically enlarge for easier writing.

When hovering above the homepage of the video website, a preview window will appear.

If you are careful, you must have discovered that, yes, the Apple Pencil becomes a mouse and a trackpad. When the user hovers the Apple Pencil over the screen, the screen will detect the electrical signal of the pen tip and give corresponding feedback.

This feature is not unusual, nor is Apple’s first. Both Microsoft and Samsung have done it. However, Apple has gone a step further, and the application scenarios of Apple Pencil have been further broadened.

The tablet painter does not need to move back and forth between the setting bar and the drawing area, which doubles the efficiency; the Apple Pencil in the hand of ordinary users also has more uses.

The pen is not just an accessory, but an extension of the finger.

At present, however, third-party apps have not yet adapted this feature, which means that they will not respond to the dangling Apple Pencil.

But just like the smart island on the iPhone 14 Pro, I am looking forward to the ecological creativity it will burst out after a large number of applications are adapted.

Well, this is the end of this quick start. The new iPad Pro also brings a powerful M2 chip, and ProRes video recording, and decoding functions. 

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