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Apple is preparing iOS 16.1.1 update, or solving Wi-Fi disconnection problem

by Jessica Harris

IT House News on November 8th, Apple is preparing to roll out the iOS 16.1.1 update for the iPhone to address the bugs and problems users encountered after the first major update of the iOS 16 operating system two weeks ago, including one that has been plaguing iPhone users. Wi-Fi problem.

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Over the past week, MacRumors saw signs in its website analysis for devices running iOS 16.1.1, suggesting the update is being tested internally by Apple and could be rolled out in the near future. While it’s unclear what the update is about, it could potentially fix a Wi-Fi issue affecting users. The issue caused users’ iPhones to randomly disconnect from Wi-Fi while in standby, such as overnight or otherwise.

In addition to fixing the Wi-Fi bug, Apple may address some of the issues users have long complained about since iOS 16 launched in September, including fast battery drain, slow Spotlight searches, and laggy animations on iPhone 14 Pro models when swiping out of apps . In terms of new features, iOS 16.1.1 may officially support the satellite emergency help function of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently said in his Power On newsletter that Apple will likely release a satellite SOS feature in November with a “dot update” to iOS 16, likely iOS 16.1.1. Aside from saying the feature will be available in November, Apple has not provided specific timing information on when the satellite SOS feature will be available to users.

IT House learned that Apple is currently publicly testing iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2, and the official version of iOS 16.2 is expected to be launched in mid-December.

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