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Apple iPad 10 experience, there are changes and compromises, but it still brings “freshness”

by Jessica Harris

Compared with the unchanged appearance of the previous generations of iPads, the iPad 10 at least gave me a “freshness” in appearance, but this freshness comes from the iPad Air. How to describe this feeling? It seems that the iPhone SE that used the iPhone 8 template was suddenly replaced with the shape of the iPhone XR. The surprise was as expected, but it can be regarded as an improvement, using a full screen.

After all, something has changed, so the appearance of iPad 10 is worth talking about. The color is one of the selling points of the iPad 10. The official offers four fashionable colors of blue, pink, silver, and yellow. Compared with the dull space gray and silver, the vibrant and passionate color scheme is more suitable for young people. seductive

In terms of tablet size, the iPad 10 is basically similar to the previous generation, but the width of the forehead and chin is narrowed, which increases the screen size of the iPad 10 by 0.7 inches to 10.9 inches , but the screen pixel density remains unchanged, which is the same as that of the iPad. 9. Like the iPad Air, both are 264PP I , the screen resolution is 2360*1640, and the LED panel is used.

However, the screen of the iPad 10 is not fully bonded , the display image does not seem to be bonded to the flat panel, there is a sense of distance, and the screen does not support P3 wide color gamut display , which is indeed not as good as the iPad Air. The iPad 10 screen does not have an anti-reflective coating, and the bright light will look more reflective, which is one of the key points that distinguish the iPad 10 from the iPad Air.

In addition, the iPad 10 still has a refresh rate of 60Hz . For people like me who are used to high-refresh mobile phones and tablets, when sliding the screen and some animation effects, you will find that the smear of the screen is more obvious.

Another difference from the iPad Air is that the iPad 10 shifts the front camera to the right border of the screen , while the iPad Air places the front camera at the center of the forehead of the tablet. The tablet in landscape mode should be Common usage habits of most people, including watching videos, video calls, etc.

The front camera is still 12 million pixels. My favorite is the character centering function. When my family members come over to the video call with relatives, the picture will automatically center us. It is a great and practical function. Now Android Tablets are also starting to follow suit. In addition, the rounded middle frame has also become a right-angle frame, and the iPad 10 has become thinner and lighter than the previous generation, giving me a lighter feel.

The rear camera has been upgraded from 8 megapixels of the previous generation to 12 megapixels. As a scanner camera, the imaging quality is completely sufficient. However, there should be few people who often use the tablet rear camera to take pictures, right?

In addition, the physical button on the top right side of the iPad 10 integrates fingerprint unlocking, touch ID, login, payment and other functions . When entering fingerprints for the first time, iPad 10 will remind you to enter two fingerprints, which is convenient and practical in both landscape and portrait modes. It is a very intimate reminder of small details. In landscape mode, I enter the index finger of my left hand, and in portrait mode Enter the index finger of the right hand, so that it can be easily unlocked whether it is a horizontal screen or a vertical screen.

The USB-C interface has finally been arranged on the iPad 10, which is in line with Android! But what is more embarrassing is that although the iPad 10 supports the first-generation Apple Pencil, the first-generation Apple Pencil uses a lightning interface , while the iPad 10 uses a USB-C interface. The two cannot be directly connected. The truth is, sometimes the knife technique is too precise, it may be counterproductive.

As a result, every time the Apple Pencil is paired or charged with the iPad 10, it needs to go through a dual-C port cable first, and then match it with a USBC to Apple Pencil converter. If there is no such converter, only I can purchase it separately. Now the official is also a generation of Apple Pencil that provides a built-in USB-C to Apple Pencil converter.

As for the experience of the stylus, it is still silky smooth, but the incompatible interface and the inability to secure magnetic adsorption are the shortcomings .

However, the iPad 10 has a big advantage in replacing the USB-C interface. It can be directly connected to the display through the C to C cable , making the iPad 10 a light office device. While displaying a large screen, the display can also directly supply power to the iPad, but The C to C cable that comes with the iPad 10 does not support display expansion. I use the dual C port cable in the ASUS monitor.

When in a meeting, you don’t need to carry a notebook, you can make a presentation with the iPad 10, and then use the Apple Pencil to make annotations, which is very convenient. When using the iPad 10 to edit videos, you can see more details with an external large-screen display. This is also a major advantage of connecting to the display. The mouse and keyboard can be directly plugged into the display interface for use.

And in terms of performance, with the further support of the A14 processor, the iPad 10 is used for office work and even editing, without too many problems. Although the A14 is a processor from 2 years ago, it is very strong in performance. , not losing to the current Snapdragon 8 and Dimensity 9000 processors, and even better in terms of power consumption. In the Geekbench 5 software, the single-core running score is 1577 points , and the multi-core running score is 4046 points.

In the AnTuTu performance test, it also achieved a good score of 728346 points , which is even higher than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is also equipped with an A14 processor. In addition, compared to the iPad 9, the running memory of the iPad 10 has also been upgraded to 4GB , and the number and fluency of running programs in the background will further increase.

If you can stand the control of the “giant screen” brought by the 10.9-inch, then the iPad 10 is still a very good “gaming handheld”. First, the performance is strong enough, but the larger body size also provides better Even if it is “Yuan Shen”, when the 60 frame mode is turned on, the iPad 10 is easy to handle, and it continues to run at a frame rate close to full frame.

However, it will be more convenient to use with the Magic Keyboard Double-sided Clip for iPad 10. It comes with a keyboard and touch panel, and the 1mm keystroke keyboard is more comfortable to type. The touch panel can support multi-touch gestures, swipe up with three fingers to return to the home screen, swipe up with three fingers and lift your finger to open the APP switcher, and switch between apps easily with three fingers to the left or right. After that, the operation is more convenient. It should be noted that the connection contacts of the iPad 10 are in the middle frame on the left side of the tablet.

And this Magic Keyboard double-sided clip can be split and used. When I watch TV, watch dramas, or play games, I can remove the keyboard and put it aside, and only use the protective panel on the back, and there is a back panel that can Adjust the brackets at different angles, you can freely adjust the viewing angle of the tablet. When I work and code words, I can just attach the keyboard. For a text worker like me, it’s perfectly fine to carry an iPad 10 when going out to work or attending a conference.

For tablets, I have always believed that the system experience is the most important, and iPadOS does have great advantages. In addition to being smooth, it is more about reflecting the humanized detailed interactive experience.

For example, the most common split-screen function, which is also one of the key functions of tablet computers to highlight efficiency and advantages. When I open a software on the iPad 10, if the software supports split screen, there will be a “…” touch button in the top middle of the application interface, and clicking will pop up full screen, split screen browsing, and side pull three. After clicking the split screen option, you will enter the system interface and select another application to be split screen. If the software does not support split screen, the “…” touch button will not be displayed, which is a very intuitive operation logic.

You can also choose to split the screen by directly dragging the app. In the APP switching interface in the background, you can also directly drag the split-screen applications to stack together to split the screen, which is in line with the operation logic that people are used to.

In the case of iPad 10 split screen, from landscape to portrait, the ratio of the split screen is no longer 1:1, but becomes 2:1 , with one side wide and one side narrow, and the narrow side The split-screen image is like an elongated iPhone, and more images can be displayed by pulling down. And in the vertical screen state, the wide split screen can be used for video, and the narrow split screen can be used for chatting, and chatting and typing will not block the content of the screen.

Compared with the previous generation, the improvement and changes of the iPad 10 are more obvious. The appearance has become the appearance of the iPad Air, and it has a larger screen-to-body ratio. Although the screen quality is not as good as the iPad Air, it is also a trade-off for the price. The stronger A14 The addition of the bionic chip also improves the performance of the iPad 10, which is sufficient to meet the needs of most people, including light office work and content creation. However, the biggest entanglement point of the iPad 10 is actually the price, and now the official has also done some price reduction promotions. For those who want to start a tablet, have light office, online classes, entertainment needs, and the budget is not so high, iPad 10 is still a choice worth considering. Its strong performance, smooth system and humanized interaction are still its advantages.

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