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Apple Classical Music app will be Exclusive launched on March 28

by Fathir Nst

On March 28, Apple is launching a new standalone app called “Apple Classical Music” that aims to cater to classical music enthusiasts. The app offers over 5 million unique tracks, hundreds of spatial audio recordings, and complete and accurate metadata, with users easily able to search for tracks by composer, work, conductor, or catalog number. Available initially only for iOS devices, versions for iPad, Mac, and Android are in the works. The app is free with most Apple Music subscriptions and Apple plans to differentiate itself from competitors with its deep focus on the classical genre. Apple Classical Music will stream at up to 192 kHz/24-bit hi-res lossless and will offer deeper features and plenty more.

Apple Classical Music app will be Exclusive launched on March 28
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Apple Classical Music will boast 5 million specific tracks. At launch, the catalog protected over five million precise tracks and dozens of different albums. Many classical pieces have had multiple renditions and interpretations recorded and launched, but Apple says the standalone app will provide “complete and accurate metadata” and the ability to “search by way of composer, painting, conductor, or even catalog variety”. This feature is a venture for services that offer all music genres. The enterprise obtained the distinctly touted classical music streamer Primephonic in August 2021. At the time, Apple said that subscribers would “get a drastically improved classical tune experience, starting with Primephonic playlists and special audio content”. Going the extra mile to enchant classical fanatics should help differentiate Apple Track as the employer keeps chipping away at Spotify’s lead in subscription revenue.

Apple Classical Music is free with an Apple Music subscription. It’s miles covered in maximum Apple Music subscriptions (except for the $5 primary in step with the month-long Apple Music Voice tier) or a $17 subscription consistent with a month-long Apple One subscription. The iPhone’s simplest app gives unlimited access to the world’s largest classical music catalog (over five million tracks), with everything from new releases to celebrated masterpieces.

In the end, Apple’s new standalone app, known as “Apple Classical Music,” is set to launch on March 28. It has deeper features than other apps that focus on all genres of music. The app boasts five million particular tracks with complete and correct metadata, making it less difficult for customers to go looking through composer, work, conductor, or even catalog quantity. It also contains hundreds of spatial audio recordings, which can be streamed at as much as 192 kHz in 24-bit hi-res lossless quality. This option-rich app is unlocked with a current Apple Music subscription (aside from the basic $5-per-month plan) or can be accessed via an Apple One subscription, which costs $17 per month.

The release of the Apple Classical Music app is targeted towards classical music enthusiasts who are seeking a high-quality music streaming service with complete and accurate metadata. By offering a standalone app focused solely on classical music, Apple is hoping to differentiate itself from other music streaming services, such as Spotify, and capture a larger share of the subscription revenue. One of the key expectations that Apple aims to achieve with the release of this app is to offer users a superior listening experience. The app provides hi-res lossless audio streaming with a maximum resolution of 192 kHz/24-bit and includes hundreds of spatial audio recordings.

This feature will allow classical music enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite compositions with better audio quality and a more immersive listening experience. Another expectation is to offer a comprehensive catalog of classical music that is easier to navigate. The app boasts over five million specific tracks, and Apple promises to provide complete and accurate metadata. This will enable users to search for compositions by composer, work, conductor, or catalog number, making it easier for them to find the music they are looking for. Furthermore, by acquiring the classical music streaming service Primephonic, Apple is showing its commitment to the classical music genre and its fans. The integration of Primephonic’s playlists and special audio content will enhance the classical music experience for Apple Music subscribers.

Overall, the release of the Apple Classical Music app is a strategic move by Apple to capture a larger share of the subscription revenue by targeting classical music enthusiasts with a superior listening experience and a comprehensive catalog of music that is easier to navigate.

Source, Apple.com, Theverge.com

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