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Apple Airtags, anyone?

by Dewi Safitri



Apple finally launched its Airtags! And it comes with the BlueTooth tile-like tracking device that we have been talking about for a very long time. We can finally talk about them for real. Apple put the price as $29 each or $99 for a four-pack. However you’ll probably want some keychain attachments, and Apple offers a few options. That goes anywhere from like thirty dollars to four hundred and fifty dollars. If you want to spend that much on a Hermes keychain. There is a Belkin option for like that’s probably the best route to go, just for you know the sake of saving money.


The Airtag is a small button-shaped tracking device with a glossy white front made out of plastic, that can be customized with an engraving (so you can add emojis or text) and a silver stainless steel Backing. Airtags are designed around the cr2032 batteries that are inside, and you can easily replace them yourself. And you’ll need additional accessories

to attach them to an item, otherwise, you’ll just lose your Airtag.


Once you place one of the round white pucks on your keys, your wallet backpack, etc, then you have access to track them, via the find my application. You can ask the tag to play a sound to help you identify where in your house it might be. And there’s also a super useful feature called “precision finding”. When you go into precision finding, you need to be about 30 feet away for this to start working well. You’ll see a UI on your iPhone that guides you directly to that Airtag down to like a couple of feet.


This is all thanks in part to ultra-wideband technology. There’s even haptic feedback along with this mode to give you a heads up, that you’re getting closer and closer. Now what will make Airtag useful is, the existing ecosystem of apple products that already roaming around the globe. When your Airtag comes in contact with a nearby iPhone via Bluetooth, those iPhones will communicate with the air tag and help update its location as it moves along or wherever it might be, when people are in passing. 



If you come across a lost air tag, or if someone comes

across your lost air tag, it can be scanned within any smartphone that you have anything that’s equipped with NFC, to bring up contact information. So this will work with iPhones and an NFC Android phone. So if you find an item you give it a scan and you can locate the owner along with the message. Maybe there’s a phone number, and if you place it in lost mode the air tag will also relay its location back to the owner through the find my app. 


If you’re worried about privacy, Apple has a whole section on its website dedicated to this to kind of help calm your nerves. But one of the interesting things that I’ve noticed is, that if someone tries to slip an air tag in your bag or underneath your car or in your car without you knowing, your iPhone will pick up on that. You’ll receive a notification that there’s an unwanted air tag nearby. And it’ll even play a sound to tell you that “hey, there is an air tag that doesn’t belong to you! that’s right next to you!”. What do you think about this update? Leave your comments down below!



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