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Answers to Why The Red iPhones Say ‘Product Red’ On their Back

by Steve Herlington

iPhones come in a variety of colors, but only the red models say the word ‘product’ on the back, this is due to a charity partnership Apple has that began back in 2006, the organization is called Product Red, co-founded by the singer Bono and activists Bobby Shriver, their goal is to help eliminate HIV AIDS and 8 African countries by raising funds from the private sector, companies can partner with Product Red by donating a portion of profits from sales of certain products.

And Apple’s case, they kicked off their partnership with the iPod Nano in 2006, the red version was the only model eligible, so it featured the Product Red logo on the back, Apple donated $10 for each one sold, although they no longer share those numbers with the public today, so if you buy a Product Red iPhone, we don’t know how much is being donated from your purchase, but since the partnership began in new 2006 Apple has donated over 270 million dollars, now despite the iPhone being Apple’s most popular Product Red item, it isn’t the only one, in fact, the iPhone cases that have the Product Red logo inside, a red Apple watch that has the logo on the band, red iPod Touch red Beats headphones and a red Beats portable speaker.

while the product red logo may not be important for Apple to include, it is important for the charity, the reason why I’m even making this video is because enough Apple users wondered why there iPhone says the word ‘product’ on the back, leading to people to searching for an answer and discovering the product red organization, increasing brand awareness without spending money on television ads, or billboard space, not to mention that Apple’s actually donating to the organization while also featuring their logo.

So, what exactly is in it for Apple?

Well, they not only receive some positive PR for donating money to a good cause, but they are also giving customers a reason to buy their product again. If someone was proud to have purchased a product red iPhone, they’re less likely to buy from Samsung or Google who don’t partner with the Charity.

This article is inspired by a video in Apple Explained YouTube channel.

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