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Coming in Hot! The iPhone 14

by Dewi Safitri


There are still several months to go before the 2022 iPhone 14 models will be ready to launch, but because there are such significant updates in the works for these devices, we’ve been hearing rumors about them since well before the iPhone 13 models even came out.

There are some significant changes coming to the iPhone 14. New information is starting to surface over the last few weeks. So let’s just jump right into what we can expect to see later this year. It’s been pretty well documented that we’re going to get a reduction in the notch. Rumor has it’s being reduced down to a whole and pill-shaped cutout at least for just the iPhone 14 Pro models. 

This week new cad renders revealed that the iPhone 14 Pro max variant, will feature around 20 smaller bezels around the display. So the cad renders, which were shared by the Twitter account shrimp apple Pro, show a design of the iPhone 14 Pro max that is broadly in line with other illustrations and measurements from other sources.  The iPhone 14 Pro max’s bezels will reportedly be about 1.95 millimeters thick, a moderate reduction compared to the iPhone 13 Pro max’s 2.42-millimeter bezels. Whether or not, it’s incredibly noticeable is something only time will tell.

Now speaking of size reduction, Apple is not planning to go that route when it comes to the camera sensors. As rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 Pro may deliver more detailed images. Thanks to a considerably larger sensor, and smaller pixel. A recent post from an account on Weibo listed a large number of iPhone 14 Pro’s technical camera specifications, in line with a multitude of rumors about the iPhone 14 Pro’s wide camera from over the past year. Now the post claims that the iPhone 14 Pros will feature a 48-megapixel camera. And as a result of an increased number of megapixels, the iPhone 14 Pro’s wide camera pixels will be smaller. The device’s sensors could be 21 wider and 57 larger than the iPhone 13 Pro max. 

Now due to this size increase and the increase in megapixels, it’s also likely that the iPhone 14 Pro models could support 8k video recording. These videos are reportedly going to be suitable for viewing on apple’s long-rumored ar VR headset. These are some of the bigger design changes that have surfaced recently. But there are still a lot of other rumors about the iPhone 14 that people can expect to see this year. Like the elimination of the mini variant. Instead of making room for two iPhones and 6.1-inch sizes, and two iPhones with a 6.7-inch screen, that presumably being called the iPhone 14 and 14 Pros, and then we have the iPhone 14 max as well as an iPhone 14 pro max, the 120-hertz refresh rates will continue to be supported for the pro models. There were a lot of rumors suggesting that the entire lineup could get this LTPO OLED display with that higher refresh rate and support for promotion. But it appears that that might not happen, due to the display availability issues. 

Now the frame of the iPhone 14 Pro models could come with a new high-end finish. This time coming with a titanium alloy frame rather than the stainless steel that’s currently found in other higher-end iPhone 13 pro models. Apple may be transitioning away from sim slots entirely this year, as well moving strictly to e-sim later on. The iPhone 14 pro models are expected to feature wi-fi 6e and could increase storage from one terabyte to 2 terabytes this year. However, this rumor kind of comes from a source that’s not always accurate. So the storage may remain at a max of one terabyte for Pro models.

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