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Apple Watch Ultra, Microwear wears W68 experience

by Jessica Harris

As a digital paradise, Shenzhen, the holy land of the machine circle, has never disappointed us. The Apple Watch Ultra released with the iPhone 14 series has long been able to find a replacement model. For example, the Microwear W68 in my hand can be described as a 1:1 “Build” of The Apple Watch Ultra, the king of the smartwatch field.

In terms of industrial design, the Microwear W68 and Apple Watch Ultra can be almost fake. The case is made of zinc alloy. According to the official description, the case adopts 48 CNC process molding technology. After these days of wearing, the entire watch fits the wrist very well. In terms of screen, the Microwear W68 adopts a 2-inch IPS full screen and an all-weather retina display with a resolution of 320 X 390. Combined with the body size of 49mm, the entire screen ratio can still bring flagship-level visual impact.

The key layout remains the same as the Apple Watch Ultra, with the orange definable multifunction key on the left, its speaker hole below the key, and the Digital Crown and prominent side key on the right. I have to say that in addition to the similar appearance, Microwear wears the W68 very carefully in terms of details, and the button feel is very close to the Apple Watch Ultra. Of course, the screen itself supports touch, and most of the operations in daily use can be completed through touch interaction.

Not only is there a wireless charging module on the back, but all the biometric information collection modules of the watch are located here. The back is slightly raised to better fit the wrist. There are four sensing elements in the symmetrical layout of the raised area, which are blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen.

The wristband is an important part of the smart watch. The wristband of Microwear W68 has a universal design. The 45mm watch strap on the market can be adapted, and the random orange watchband is always provided, which matches the orange button of the fuselage.

In addition to the external “beauty”, the Microwear W68 is functional enough for daily use, even richer than most of the big-name Android watches on the market.

The dial and operation interface are the same as Apple Watch Ultra by default. At the same time, a personalized entrance is reserved for users. There are multiple built-in interactive menus to choose from. There is also a dial market on the APP side, with 500+ free dials for users to choose from.

In terms of health, it supports all-weather heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen saturation monitoring and sleep monitoring, 360° without dead ends to escort the user’s health, and women’s physiological health functions for girls, predicting ovulation based on human body temperature perception period.

For the payment functions expected by users, Microwear W68 is also adapted to directly support Alipay payment. After the binding is successful, the watch will automatically generate a payment barcode and QR code.

The Microwear W68 is equipped with an RTK8762D processor with a main frequency of 90MHz and a built-in 380mAH battery. There is also a desktop mode for wireless charging, which can display time information on the screen.

Before I experienced the Microwear W68, I was skeptical about this watch, but after using it for a period of time, I found that, except that it is not a well-known brand, both the industrial design and the function of the watch fully meet the daily use. The function is not too much to describe. Look at the big-name Android watches on the market, which cost thousands at every turn, while the Microwear W68 is priced at less than 300 yuan, which is more fragrant in comparison.

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