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3 Recommended Forums for Apple Users in 2022 (For All Sorts of Issues)

by Steve Herlington

Forums can be one of those resources someone can have, there are times when solving problems and finding particular information don’t come in handy, and after certain amount of time browsing the internet you’ll find an exact solution in a forum. Forums has existed since forever, since the beginning of the internet era in the early 90s. Gaming forum, hardware, software, IT, student forum, and even forums for doctors are available in the internet. Specifically, the existence of forums for Apple users is growing, whether it’s Facebook group (yes, it can also be considered as a forum) or web based forum you can find on the internet.

Nowadays, younger people seem to be more interested in finding a solution regarding their issues with their Apple products, if you are from Indonesia or India, you’ll find bunch of forums hanging around on Facebook, with hundreds of thousands of active members and submitted posts every hour. See Facebook Group Apple iPhone Indonesia (Official) and Forum iPhone Indonesia.

Today at Geaber, internet findings has shown that beside Facebook groups, there are also web based forums that’s worth creating an account for.


AVForum is originally a forum for home entertainment products, so if you’re a consumer of Apple, you’ll find that AVForum has a lot of resource for applicability for devices, say getting devices to work together. The unique thing is, AVForum does not seem like it started as an Apple based forum, but that’s what’s interesting about a forum, the users get to decided what the forum is all about.


Now this can be everyone’s favorite, MacRumors has been around since forever, their contents on YouTube are also worththe watch as well, MacRumors is and always has been about Apple products, the members talk about anything that’s Apple, starting from their software, hardware, iPhone rumors, old Apple devices, problems with Staingate, Flexgate. You can even find services for repairing your devices here.

Apple Discussion

Last but not least, Apple Discussion, where related and filtered issues are discussed, here you can easily find related topic to your problem. Unfortunately, Apple Discussion doesn’t always come up with interesting solutions. But, if you want to play it safe, considering using the original forum from Apple is sometimes the best option there is.

Steve Herlington

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