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20 Essential Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Discord

Introduction What is Discord? Why Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Discord? 20 Essential Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Discord Conclusion

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Discover the most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts for Discord and improve your chat experience. Check out these 20 essential shortcuts to save time and effort while chatting on Discord. Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Discord

Discord is a popular platform for communicating with friends, colleagues, and communities. It’s especially popular among gamers, but it’s also used by people from various industries. Discord is available on desktop and mobile devices, and it has a lot of features that make it easy to use. One of the best ways to use Discord more efficiently is by using keyboard shortcuts. Here are 20 essential Mac keyboard shortcuts for Discord that can help you save time and streamline your communication.

  1. ⌘ + / – Show keyboard shortcuts To see a list of all keyboard shortcuts available in Discord, press Command + /.
  2. ⌘ + K – Open server/channel search To quickly search for a server or channel, press Command + K. This will open the server/channel search bar.
  3. ⌘ + T – Open a new chat window To open a new chat window, press Command + T. This will create a new chat tab.
  4. ⌘ + F – Search within the current chat To search for a specific message within the current chat, press Command + F. This will open the search bar.
  5. ⌘ + G – Find the next search result If you’re searching for a specific message, press Command + G to find the next search result.
  6. ⌘ + Shift + D – Start a new direct message To start a new direct message with someone, press Command + Shift + D.
  7. ⌘ + Shift + N – Start a new server To create a new server, press Command + Shift + N.
  8. ⌘ + Up arrow – Go to the first message in the channel To quickly go to the first message in a channel, press Command + the up arrow key.
  9. ⌘ + Down arrow – Go to the last message in the channel To quickly go to the last message in a channel, press Command + the down arrow key.
  10. ⌘ + Shift + E – Archive the current channel To archive the current channel, press Command + Shift + E.
  11. ⌘ + Shift + U – Mark all messages as read To mark all messages in the current channel as read, press Command + Shift + U.
  12. ⌘ + Shift + L – Open the activity feed To open the activity feed, press Command + Shift + L.
  13. ⌘ + Shift + P – Open the user settings To open the user settings, press Command + Shift + P.
  14. ⌘ + Shift + I – Open the invite people window To invite people to the current server, press Command + Shift + I.
  15. ⌘ + Shift + M – Mute/unmute the current channel To mute or unmute the current channel, press Command + Shift + M.
  16. ⌘ + Shift + K – Delete the current channel To delete the current channel, press Command + Shift + K.
  17. ⌘ + Shift + S – Change the server settings To change the server settings, press Command + Shift + S.
  18. ⌘ + Shift + C – Copy the message link To copy the link to a message, press Command + Shift + C.
  19. ⌘ + Shift + R – Start a reply to the selected message To reply to a selected message, press Command + Shift + R.
  20. ⌘ + Shift + F – Start a new search To start a new search, press Command + Shift + F.

Using these keyboard shortcuts can help you navigate Discord more efficiently and save time. With practice, you can become more proficient and use these shortcuts without even thinking about them. If you use Discord frequently, it

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Discord

Fun Fact about Discord might you interest

  1. Discord was launched in 2015 as a platform for gamers to communicate with each other.
  2. The name “Discord” was actually inspired by the “Discordianism” movement, which is a parody religion that was founded in the 1960s.
  3. Discord has over 150 million registered users, and the number is growing rapidly.
  4. In addition to being used by gamers, Discord is also used by people in various fields such as music, art, and education.
  5. Discord is known for its fun and creative easter eggs. For example, if you type “/tableflip” in a Discord chat, an animation of a table being flipped will appear.
  6. Discord is a free platform, but it also has a subscription-based service called Discord Nitro that offers additional features such as high-quality screen sharing and custom emojis.
  7. The original concept for Discord was actually for a game that its founder, Jason Citron, was working on at the time. However, the chat feature ended up being more popular than the game itself.
  8. Discord has a mascot named Wumpus, who is a cute, blue, hamster-like creature. Wumpus appears in various parts of the Discord app and website, and has become a beloved figure among Discord users.
  9. The first version of Discord was built in just six months by a team of only five developers.
  10. Discord has a strong community of developers who create and share bots that can perform a variety of functions, such as moderating servers, playing music, and delivering news and information.

I hope you find these facts interesting!

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